Mail 2 Group App Anmeldelser

Love but want more

This serves the purpose I need it for. However, I wish there was a way to export my group list into word or excel or something. I’ve needed my group contact list elsewhere but have to manually move things into a spreadsheet.

Mail 2 Group duplicates

I have been using Mail2Group for our prayer group, 20 contacts with no problems what so ever. Now I am trying to use it for a larger group, 101 contacts, and every time I try and email I end up with duplicate contacts! However, when I edit the group to fix the list, I can not find any duplicate contacts. I have emailed their support group to see if there is a fix. I will write another review when/if I get a response.


Great app

Mail to group

I use this for a prayer chain email group. When I bought my iPad, one of the Best Buy geeks found the free mail to group app for me. I also lost my contacts at least three times and had to re-enter them. Something kept popping up telling me to coming purchase this app. The 3rd time I got upset and got rid of the app and just entered names as I wrote the email which was a major pain. So I went back to the free mail to group app and again re-entered all the names again....again it work for a while and then the purchase this app started coming up. I gave up and purchased the app and I haven't had any problems since.....go figure

Not working

Got this app a couple years ago and it was nice. Came back to it today and it deleted a group I needed. Tried to rebuild the group and cannot save it because it says cannot reach the server.

Started strong...

I had the same issue as Terry. Last week I lost a group of contacts and then a couple days later I lost another group of contacts...totaling over 400 contacts. I tried to rebuild my lists, but when I try to save my list I am confronted with a “failed to connect to server” pop up. I have sent 2 messages to “support” since Monday and both times I got an automated response with no actual contact. I give it a 60 because when it works, it’s great! But when it doesn’t work, it’s clearly useless. That’s my review. I hope to hear back from Mail2Group soon so they can get their 5* rating.


This the second time I have lost all my groups It took me hours to put them back together. I use this for business and I am loosing money. I have mailed the company several times and never get a response I want a refund!! WARNING DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!


Cannot connect to server. Junk app.


I have used and loved this application for over a year. I have 3 mail groups and have tried today to create number four. After multiple attempts that were telling me “cannot connect to server” I have given up!!! Please fix!!!


Groupings are great

The app will not let you register.

Unusable as of this review.

Group mailing

This app is great!!! Once you set up your groups it’s a snap to email multiple people with one click. It even lets you remove some contacts in your group should you need to do so for some reason. 5 stars!


I have used this App for several years. I only have one complaint. I am unable to change my email address. It insists on using my iCloud email, which I don’t use or check often.

What am I missing???

I can’t for the life of me figure out how this app works. I imported my contact list, created my group and even paid for the pro version so I could send large group emails. I can’t seem to get the thing to send to more than a dozen people at a time despite the upgrade? I’m not usually a tech dunce, but this app has me so frustrated and there’s no decent help feature. I sure hope this app isn’t some scam.

My email are delivered....sometimes

My group emails are very seldom delivered the first time I send them. This is a terrible group email app

Easy to use!

Best multi - email and text message ever.

Ease of use

Just starting using your app. It sure makes sending group emails a lot easier. Thanks!

Why do my lists keep disappearing?

When I first used this app, it worked well. I use it to send emails to our retired coworkers. I use it a handful of times each year. Twice I have tried to use it and my list disappeared. I rebuilt them (no small task for almost 200 people). So just now, I attempted to remove a name from the app list and all it said was ‘ifailed ‘. Now that whole list is gone. Also, this app is not recognizing changes that I have made to my address list.


I hate that it won't get rid of old emails no matter what I do to delete them! It defaults to the old email even when it's been changed! Also, if an email is incorrect, it won't send it to the other 70 people. You write an entire email only to find it in the outbox unable to send and it'll tell you which email address is incorrect but it won't let you delete that address and send sometimes! Just happened, not happy

So easy!

I wish I had known about this app months easy to set up!! Love it!

Awesome app

This app is very easy to use and effective. I really enjoy using it!

great app works well!!

beats regular attempts/apps at grouping messages!

Great app.

Love it for my golf groups. Works perfect

Some help for groups but difficult to use

It is hard to edit

Group mail works fir me. I send group mail and photos to 25 friends every week.

Its dependable every week to send my happy hour invitations.

Works pretty well

I needed to form a few email groups for a summer project and used this app to do so. It worked pretty well, it linked to my contact list so that I could easily add names as needed. There was a hiccup where I lost all of one of my lists and had to rebuild it. Then it happened again after the last update which was pretty annoying. I was ready to give this a two star rating but another update came through today and the missing groups seem to be restored. Hope this fixes any bugs.

Pony express no more

Great app to set up for group emails. Easy and fast

Thumbs up

Just what I was looking for.

Suddenly won't stay open

This app worked great until two days ago. Now it won't stay open. Tried hard reset, deleting and then downloading again. Nothing works. What happened?

Your bug fix 9/12/17 killed this app

Please check your most recent bug fix "done to make faster and easier to use" because now the app will not stay open! I have an urgent message to send to my team, but every time I open the app my addresses disappears, then the app closes on it's on. I have enjoyed using this in the past. Please fix quickly!!

Works for Me

It's all I need and easy to use.

Group Email App

This is a great app for tablet users. It's easy to setup group email lists and easy to edit existing groups. Kudos to the genius that developed this time saving app. 👍👍👍👍 The only problem I'm experiencing is its not syncing with my iPhone and iPad. I s there a way to sync without having to create a new group all over again?

Love this app

Great app for this not very tech savvy great grandma.


This app is so cool my panties got wet!

Wonderful App.

This app. Has helped me tremendously with dealing with multiple groups. It's so easy to use. Thanks

Great App

So far it works great.

Great app when not near my computer.

This app works well with my contacts and great when I'm away from my desktop. Easy to use.

Doesn't work for me

Can't figure out the interface with my yahoo account. At this point it's a dud, or I am, or both are.

Best group contact app

I just downloaded and installed 5 apps that do the same thing contact groups, this one is the best interface.

Works for me

Works for me

Works well!

Works well!

Used to be great!

Now it needs to be updated for iOS 8. Crashing and no ability to type a full page email with keyboard in the way. Update: the above problems have been fixed but now I am unable to delete any contacts and when you change a persons email address it also still sends to the old email addy. Support is non existent.

My long Garden club list

Love it now one click for all volunteers for Hospice Garden😊🌺🌻👍🏻

Works great for me!



It's a good one. Still working after 2 years.

Great App

Great time saver, works like a dream.

Extremely useful

In managing a group of individuals it is extremely useful to be able to text everyone at once without having to load their addresses every time. Mail2group allows me to do that easily.

Great app

Apple should buy this app and put it into their code. Great app for creating mail groups. Adds contacts to your phone and the app. Creates groups in the app. Worth 5 stars!

Good app, but

How do I send my group contacts list to my group to include name, address, phone and email address?

Great Timesaver

I use this app to communicate with two groups. I am leading a committee of 13 for a three year project to replace the administration building and child care center at our church, and another group of 7 for an annual Lenten study. It is easy to add/drop members, add non-participating individuals to specific communications, and to create a different distribution list as necessary. All in all, I find this app to be intuitive to use, and a great timesaver.

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