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Only sent one email but it worked flawlessly. Nice app.

Kind a hard to figure out but once you do…

This app was very hard to figure out for me, it’s not very self-explanatory but I kept working and it and playing with it and now I appreciate it very much (now that I’ve learned how to work it)! I’m so very appreciative of how well this app put group texts or emails together for me!


Great app, easy to use

Group emails

I just started using this and am pleased with how easy it is to use. One thing that I discovered is that you have to have an email for someone in your contacts for it to work, just a phone number won’t do.

Great group email tool.

I keep a large group up to date on the weekly golf plans. This makes it so easy to send out a quick email and keep everyone in the loop.


Not intuitive when adding contacts

Good message app

Very nice app. Convenient to send messages to large groups.

Easy group mail

Easy to set up and edit group mail for all kinds of groups. Never had any problems


Upgrade is right on.


Love it! Works every time. And, I can easily add or remove names to customize.

New User

Tried this out on the recommendation of a friend and I couldn't be more pleased. Great apps and takes the work of searching for contacts.

Mail group 11

Love this app I have 3 different groups I use this app for. It makes my life easier. The three groups are sport active 🎈 so we know who will play and where and the time. 🤗

Great App for Iphone !

Cant easily send group messages using IPhones mail app... this App makes it a breeze !!

Easy to use

I send a weekly email update to members of my church. Usually I do it from my computer, but when I am traveling, I don’t have that option. Mail-to-group makes it possible. I use the free version and it does all I need. One improvement I would like to see, is the ability to eliminate multiple email addresses. My contacts contain both work and personal emails for some, and when I send from mail-to-group, I can’t have it send only to their personal address.

Walkfit email!

Great to send so easily!

Very good group email app!

This is a very good app for group emails. It could be a little more user friendly. I remember it took me a while to figure out how to create and send an email to my newly created group. Once you have it setup, it is VERY easy to fire off an email with attachments to any email group you have created. I use it every week to send out the prayer request list to the discipleship group I attend. Highly recommended!

Love this app

This is a great app for sending group emails or group texts!

Easy to use and maintain

I started with the free version. It worked well... a list for my students, a list for my group members, a list for Christmas “ecards”... very easy to create the list by choosing from my list of contacts. Last year I upgraded to be able to add attachments, and I still love it. It saves so much time.

Mail To Group

Great App! Use it all the time!

Mail2Group is the best.

I never have to jump thru hoops with this app. Once you learn a few procedures it is fool proof.

Great after learning curve

I use this to contact my Mahjongg Abd bridge groups.

Great app for contacting groups

This app is wonderful to pull together and disseminate info to my Bible Study group. Keeps tome and effort to a minimum.

Handy little app

I use this to email and text church members. Works great for most people!


This app is convenient for me when I have to send a bulk email to my group.


This app has helped me to organize and sent emails so much faster!


Great app

Mail 2 Group Is a great feature!

I love it!


I had no clue of how to put a mailing list together and then I found Mail 2 Group! So easy to use...thank you Developers.

Tell your friends

I tell a lot of people about this App!! Coaches, committee heads, teachers. So quick , so easy , would not want to be with out it! Thank you!!

Great App

Works great.

Very good

This is very convenient Thanks

Works great

I really like this app. It works great!

Mail 2 Group

Good. I enjoy using it.


I have used this App for several years. I only have one complaint. I am unable to change my email address. It insists on using my iCloud email, which I don’t use or check often.

Garden club

This is a very important app for me to keep in contact with all my members. Only needs ability to send a photo with it.


Really enjoy using this feature

Works nicely

It works as planed


Large print. Simple design.

Problem solved!!

This app solved my problem. I needed to be able to use my iPhone to send e-mails to groups of people and now I can do it.

Works pretty well

I needed to form a few email groups for a summer project and used this app to do so. It worked pretty well, it linked to my contact list so that I could easily add names as needed. There was a hiccup where I lost all of one of my lists and had to rebuild it. Then it happened again after the last update which was pretty annoying. I was ready to give this a two star rating but another update came through today and the missing groups seem to be restored. Hope this fixes any bugs. Still working great over a year later. No more problems with losing lists.


I can’t write a review. Sorry. This is my first time to try it! Next time I will know better what to say! I AM excited now to get started on my first group letter.


I love this a application! Extremely user friendly and so fast! Thanks for this wonderful app!

Mail 2 Group

Works well, but at times due to bugs does strange things. But overall a good program for sending text or email to groups.

Great App!

Meets my multiple contact needs.


This app works great for my purposes. But, every once in a while, I add my photos, and before I can type a message, it closes out, and I have to start over. It does not do this all the time?

Mail 2 Group

We use this app to communicate with our book club. Very convenient.

Group email on iPhone

Love it!😀

Easy and practical

Love it!


Just started setting up groups with this app. Process is simple!

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